Saturday, February 8, 2020

Morning Manna by Rufus Parker - 8 February 2020

Where Does Wisdom Dwell?
Again the next day after John stood, and two of his disciples; And looking upon Jesus as he walked, he saith, Behold the Lamb of God! And the two disciples heard him speak, and they followed Jesus. Then Jesus turned, and saw them following, and saith unto them, What seek ye? They said unto him, Rabbi, (which is to say, being interpreted, Master,) where dwellest thou? He saith unto them, Come and see. They came and saw where he dwelt, and abode with him that day: for it was about the tenth hour.(John 1:35-39)
 Today’s Morsel:  When I was a kid, it was not uncommon for someone to stop at our house and to ask if we knew where someone lived?  When we review the life of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, it was not uncommon to hear them asking if they knew their relatives and where they lived.  When the disciples of John saw Jesus, they followed Him and asked Him where he lived?  Jesus told them to come and see.  And they came and saw where He dwelt and stayed with Him that day. Solomon wrote and asked. "Where does wisdom live?" (Proverbs 8:12)  He said it dwelt with prudence?  It dwelt with discretion. It dwells in the place where one has the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offense or revealing private information.  I promise you, if you find where Jesus lives, which should be in our hearts, you’ll find out where wisdom lives.
 Sing: He’s lives, He lives, Christ Jesus lives today. He walks with me, and talks with me, along life's narrow way. He lives, He lives, salvation to impart, you ask me how I know He lives? He lives within my heart.
Thought For Today:  Wherever Jesus dwells is where wisdom dwells. (Parker)

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