Monday, September 14, 2020

Morning Manna by Rufus Parker - 14 September 2020


Grandparents Day


So Boaz took Ruth, and she was his wife: and when he went in unto her, the LORD gave her conception, and she bare a son. And the women said unto Naomi, Blessed be the LORD, which hath not left thee this day without a kinsman, that his name may be famous in Israel. And he shall be unto thee a restorer of thy life, and a nourisher of thine old age: for thy daughter in law, which loveth thee, which is better to thee than seven sons, hath born him. And Naomi took the child, and laid it in her bosom, and became nurse unto it. And the women her neighbours gave it a name, saying, There is a son born to Naomi; and they called his name Obed: he is the father of Jesse, the father of David.(Ruth 4:13-17)


Today’s Morsel:  Every so often, I like to look at the picture of my grandparents standing in their front yard. And I ask myself, I wonder what they were doing?  I wish I could have spent more time with them to get to know them better, but they died when I was only 6 years old.  Sad to say, today we are starting to see a generation that does not seem to understand, nor do they value their grandparents.  Today, I would love to be able to sit and listen to a talk or have a conversation with my grandparents about their life and what things were like when they were young.  Many in today’s generation think that this is the way life has always been.  But I think that if they would sit and spend some time with their grandparents, they would be totally surprised at what they might discover.  When I read the story of Ruth, I wonder how long it was before David discovered the story and life of his grandparents and great grandparents? Grandparents are a storehouse of wisdom if they are found in the ways of God.   Do you have any great stories from your grandparents?  You do not get old being a fool.


Sing:  My mother and daddy talked about going home ever since I was a babe on their knees, and how that one day we will finally be free.  Well, I’m getting a vision of a crystal-clear river where sin is forgotten without a trace, more than I want to know, my heart's ready to go, to see the love on my Savior's face.

I want to know how it feels, to make my way down the streets of gold.  I want to know how it feels, to have a talk with the saints of old.  I want to know what it’s like to plant my feet by the river of life.  I’ve heard of heaven and I know that it’s real, I want to know how it feels.


Thought For Today:  Grandparents are a storehouse of wisdom if it is found in the ways of God.

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