Thursday, August 15, 2019

Morning Manna by Rufus Parker - 15 August 2019

Salvation Is of The Lord

But I will sacrifice unto thee with the voice of thanksgiving; I will pay that that I have vowed. Salvation is of the LORD.” (Jonah 2:9)

Today’s Morsel:  What comes to your mind when you think about salvation?  Many people say that they are saved and born-again, but their life and actions speak a different meaning.  Have you ever had anyone ask you if you are saved?  How did you feel when they asked you? Were you surprised?  Did you do a self-examination?  It’s not uncommon around the church for someone to ask you if you are saved.  The gospel is about salvation. It’s the price Jesus paid that we might be saved.  Salvation belongs to Jesus.  He is the Lord.  It is all His; all belongs to Him so that none can share in bestowing it; none can have any hope but from Him.  What a message. Peter said, Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.(Acts 4:12)  We should be thankful every time someone asks us if we are saved.  Either we are or we aren’t, there is no in-between.

Sing: Saved!  Saved!  I’m happy on my way. Saved! Saved!  Saved, I love Him more each day. Saved! Saved! Saved, I know He’s mine each hour, for He saves and He keeps satisfied by His Power.

Thought For Today: What day were you born-again?

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