Saturday, January 19, 2013

2013 January 19 - Morning Manna

My son, if thou wilt receive my words, and hide my commandments with thee; So that thou incline thine ear unto wisdom, and apply thine heart to understanding; Yea, if thou criest after knowledge, and liftest up thy voice for understanding; If thou seekest her as silver, and searchest for her as for hid treasures; Then shalt thou understand the fear of the LORD, and find the knowledge of God. For the LORD giveth wisdom: out of his mouth cometh knowledge and understanding (Proverbs 2:1-6).

Today's Morsel: Do you ever wish you knew why God does the things that He does?  When there is a tragedy or  unexpected sickness or death, why do people question God's existence or power?   But does questioning God or denouncing God bring anyone closer to the knowledge of God?  "Then Job answered and said, Even to day is my complaint bitter: my stroke is heavier than my groaning. Oh that I knew where I might find him! that I might come even to his seat! I would order my cause before him, and fill my mouth with arguments. I would know the words which he would answer me, and understand what he would say unto me. Will he plead against me with his great power? No; but he would put strength in me" (Job 23:1-6).  Job said, "If I could find God, He would give me the knowledge and understanding that I need and bring strength to me."  The reason many question God is because of a lack of knowledge of God. When we understand that God's ways and thoughts aren't the same as our's (Isaiah 55:8-9), and because He is sovereign, and the Creator of all things, we can understand  what Solomon meant when he said that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge (Proverbs 1:7), and Paul's comments when He said,  "As it is written, Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated. What shall we say then?  Is there unrighteousness with God?  God forbid.   He said to Moses, "I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I will have compassion.  So then it is not of him that willeth, nor of him that runneth, but of God that sheweth mercy" (Romans 9:13-16).   If you want to know God, you have to search for God (John 5:39-40), as wisdom calleth. When we gain the knowledge of God, we won't question God.

Sing: O' I want to see Him, look upon His face, there to sing forever, of His saving grace, on the streets of glory, let me lift my voice, cares all past, home at last, ever to rejoice.

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