Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Morning Manna by Rufus Parker - 18 August 2020

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“Withdraw thy foot from thy neighbour's house; lest he be weary of thee, and so hate thee.” (Proverbs 25:17)


Today’s Morsel:   The art of being a good guest is knowing when to leave.  Not but that it is commendable to be unneighborly and friendly, or for one neighbor to visit another; but then it should not be very frequent; a man should not be always or often at his neighbor’s house.  I know that scripture says that we should not forsake the assembling of ourselves together, but that does not mean that you wear out your welcome.  Etiquette says limit visits to a reasonable amount of time.  Be attuned to what your neighbors are doing and leave at the first hint that they are ready for the visit to end.

Remember, your neighbor’s home is not your castle, and “Too much familiarity breeds contempt.”


Sing:  Take the name of Jesus with you, child of sorrow and of woe.  It will joy, and comfort give you, take it then wherever you go.

Precious name. O how sweet!  Hope of earth and joy of heaven.  Precious name, O how sweet! Hope of earth and joy of heaven.


Thought For Today: Remember, your neighbors home is not your castle (Parker)

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