Thursday, August 6, 2015

2015 August 6 - Morning Manna

Hell and destruction are never full; so the eyes of man are never satisfied. (Proverbs 27:20)

Today's Morsel: What would you say is the number one thing that would make you satisfied?   I'm sure that many of us could list many different material things.  But really, material things will not fully satisfy us. They may give us a sense of satisfaction for a short time, but it will not last.  Solomon said that our eyes are never satisfied.  Isn't it amazing that the more we see, the more we want.  When I am out, I often times find myself just looking, and then I find myself buying stuff that I already have.  And then I say to myself, Rufus, you did not need more cookies.  And it is all because my eyes told my brain that I needed them. Yikes!  We must get to the point that we go after more of the things of God, those things that satisfy the soul and not our flesh.  Jesus said that they that hunger and thirst after righteousness shall be filled (Matthew 5:6). Maybe this is why we aren't satisfied. We are going after the wrong things to fill us.  When we seek Him and His righteousness, His Spirit will satisfy us. 

Sing: I am so satisfied, I am so satisfied, with my Savior, for He means more to me, more to me, than anything than this world, could ever offer me. 

Thought for Today: The hallmark of satisfaction is contentment. 

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