Saturday, February 28, 2015

2015 February 28 - Morning Manna

In your patience possess ye your souls. (Luke 21:19)

Today's Morsel: There is an old Finnish Proverb that says, "God did not create hurry."  As the world turns, it seem as though few have patience to wait any more.  We have created restaurants with drive through, take outs, and home delivery, and take our vehicles in for quick lubes, all because we are in a hurry.  We question the barber and hair salon workers as to how long it will take to get our hair done.  We ask the wait staff  how long it will take to be seated and to get our food.  We honk our horn when the car in front of us doesn't drive off the instant the light turns green, or if they stop to talk to someone and we have to wait a minute.  We look at the clock in the back of the church or at our watches to see how long the service has been going.  Everyone seems to be in a hurry.  If the Finnish Proverb is correct, then we can assume that the spirit of hurry is coming from the enemy of our souls to wear us out.  Daniel said, "And he shall speak great words against the most High, and shall wear out the saints of the most High... (Daniel 7:25).  If you are always in a hurry, chances are you will lose your soul.  Why not slow down and try smelling the roses, you just might discover you like what they smell like.

Sing:  They that wait upon the Lord, shall renew their strength, they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint, teach me Lord, teach me Lord, to wait.

Thought for Today: God did not create hurry (Finnish Proverb)

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