Tuesday, November 1, 2011

2011 November 1 - Morning Manna

Then Samuel took a vial of oil, and poured it upon his head, and kissed him, and said, Is it not because the LORD hath anointed thee to be captain over his inheritance? ...And the Spirit of the LORD will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophesy with them, and shalt be turned into another man.
(1 Samuel 10:1;6)

Today's Morsel:  Many folks think that just because they have the Holy Ghost they are anointed. This is not true. And I believe that this is one of the reasons so many people have trouble with spiritual authority in the church and end up walking away from the church.  They think that just because they have the Holy Ghost, they do not have to submit to spiritual authority.  What many people fail to realize is that we are filled with the Holy Ghost to serve and to be a witness for the Lord.  But when it comes down to leadership and spiritual authority, an anointing is required from God.  God chooses the men and women He desires to lead His people.  This is why when  a pastor is installed, they are prayed over and anointed with oil, so that the congregation can see that they are being anointed unto the spiritual authority and the care over God's flock.  When Samuel anointed Saul to be king over Israel, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him and he changed into another man.  The anointing always brings about a transformation.  I believe that God will make room for you to serve in a leadership capacity for Him, if you are faithful, committed, and dedicated to serving the Lord and those over you,  and if you remain humble and steadfast.  So don't force yourself into spiritual leadership, but allow God to place you there, because trying to fulfill a position that God did not call you to and place His anointing on you, is detrimental to your good health.  If you say that you are anointed, what spiritual authority has God called you to, and who anointed you?

If you aren't sure, pray and seek God for direction and wisdom.

Sing: Anointing fall on me! Anointing fall on me! Let the power of the Holy Ghost fall on me, anointing fall on me.

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