Thursday, January 7, 2016

Morning Manna by Rufus Parker - 2016 January 7

And Jacob their father said unto them, Me have ye bereaved of my children: Joseph is not, and Simeon is not, and ye will take Benjamin away: all these things are against me. (Genesis 42:36)

Today's Morsel:  One of the things we have to learn as Christians is that sometimes bad news is going to come. We will also find out that we are not exempt from hardships and unwanted circumstances.  But as Christians, we have to stop and ask ourselves what God is doing through the circumstances or hardships that we are going through that will make us more like Him.  Jacob was not expecting to be asked to send his youngest son into Egypt.  He sent his sons to buy food, not to be faced with losing another son and being asked to send his younger one, too.   I believe that Jacob felt that God was punishing him for lying to his father, Isaac, and stealing his brother Esau's birthright.  But he would find out later that he was to be reunited with his son Joseph, whom he thought was dead and it was him who was the one behind the plot; and God was making it possible through him to sustain life in the time of famine that was now upon them.  Sometimes, we will have to make some tough choices in our lives and we should not see them as things that are against us.  But rather, we should ask ourselves what purpose God has for them to happen in our lives.

Sing: Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand, but I know who holds tomorrow and I know He holds my hand.

Thought For Today:  Faith of a true Christian stands in adversity. 

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