Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Morning Manna by Rufus Parker - 2018 July 3

“And Jacob said to Rebekah his mother, Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man: My father peradventure will feel me, and I shall seem to him as a deceiver; and I shall bring a curse upon me, and not a blessing” (Genesis 27:11-12).

Today’s Morsel:  Are you pleased with who you are? Millions of dollars are spent every day by people trying to change themselves.  I’m sure you may have heard the saying, “We have met the enemy and it is I”.   Are we our own enemy?  We can blame the devil for many things, but are we him?  Rebekah wanted Jacob to disguise himself as Esau, but Jacob knew that his father would know the difference.  And so he told his mother that he would be cursed if he did.  Are you disguising yourself trying to deceive your Heavenly Father?  Be careful that you don’t bring a curse on you.  He knows who you are.  He not only knows the color of your hair, He knows the number of hairs on your head.  So just be who He created you to be, be yourself.

Sing: I’m Yours, Lord, everything I am; everything I’m not; everything I’ve got.  I’m Yours, Lord, try me now and see, see if I can be completely Yours.

Thought For Today:  Be yourself.

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