Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 January 7 - Morning Manna

O sing unto the LORD a new song: sing unto the LORD, all the earth. Sing unto the LORD, bless his name; shew forth his salvation from day to day. (Psalms 96:1-2).

Today's Morsel:   What songs do you sing when you are hurting, sad, or lonely?  The psalmist said to sing unto the Lord a new song.  I don't think God wants to hear the old songs of murmuring and complaining.  I don't think He wants to hear me mourning over my troubles. I don't even think He wants to hear me singing about Moses going down into Egypt's land and telling old Pharaoh to let His people go.  He doesn't want to hear my singing the blues!  The problem with some so called gospel and contemporary gospel music today is  it doesn't  proclaim the gospel.  It seems to only elevate one's self.  If it's called a gospel song, shouldn't the lyrics mention the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ?  Shouldn't Jesus be the main focus in the song?   Has the blood lost its power?  Doesn't the old rugged cross still make a difference?  Isn't there still victory in Jesus?  Isn't Jesus still the sweetest name you know?  Didn't He call you friend?  So what happened to, " What a friend we have in Jesus?"  Isn't the church going to move up higher one day? Didn't Jesus say that in the last days He would pour out His spirit upon all flesh?  So what happened with the song, "Baptize me Jesus with the Holy Ghost?"  Why do we only sing "O' come all ye faithful" at Christmas time, and "Christ Arose" at Easter?  Maybe that's why we only see some people at church on Christmas and Easter.  I guess that's why they come during those days as they see themselves as being faithful.  They're CEOs - Christmas and Easter Only (my humor).  You see, the old songs had a message with them.  They were called gospel songs because when you sang them, they lifted up Jesus and gave you strength to endure the trials and situations you faced on a day to day basis.  They caused you to realize what Jesus has done for you, while giving  you hope for tomorrow.   If you are battling depression or sickness in your soul these days, and if you listen to the songs that are called gospel music today, you are going to be more depressed because the instruments often over-power the words and you can't hear what is being said.  And if you do hear the lyrics, they often talk about how the singer feels rather than the power of Jesus in a person's life.  Jesus didn't record in His word to "not remove the old landmarks which your fathers sat up" for nothing.  I believe that that may even include our music.  So let me encourage you, let's go back to the old land marks and get Jesus back into our singing.  After all, only Jesus can satisfy your soul.

Sing: Only Jesus can satisfy your soul; only He can change your heart and make you whole: He'll give you peace you never knew, sweet love and joy and heaven, too, for only Jesus can satisfy your soul.

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