Thursday, April 28, 2011

2011 April 28 - Morning Manna

And Moses said unto Hobab, the son of Raguel the Midianite, Moses' father in law, We are journeying unto the place of which the LORD said, I will give it you: come thou with us, and we will do thee good: for the LORD hath spoken good concerning Israel. And he said unto him, I will not go; but I will depart to mine own land, and to my kindred. And he said, Leave us not, I pray thee; forasmuch as thou knowest how we are to encamp in the wilderness, and thou mayest be to us instead of eyes.
(Numbers 10:29-31)

Today's Morsel:  One of the things I really love about my wife is that she is a woman of great wisdom. Not only wisdom in helping others deal with situations in this world, but more importantly, she is filled with godly wisdom.  In our quest and zeal to obey and do what God is asking of us, we need to seek out such people that will counsel with us and keep us on the right path.  I can remember when I was going to conduct our first men's conference.  Everything was set for the conference, but only a few folks signed up to attend.  When I looked at the cost, the participates didn't measure up to the cost.  When I told my wife that I was considering cancelling the conference because of this she said, "Let's talk about it."  First, she asked if I had heard from God.  My answer was yes.  Then she asked me if one man became a better father, a better leader, and better man of God, would it be worthy the effort and cost of holding the conference. Again, the answer was yes.  Then she said, "You need to have the conference.  It's not about numbers and money, but about what is best for the kingdom of God."  Great wisdom, and year after year we had great men's conferences from that time on.
Moses asked his father-in-law to come with them because he knew how they were to camp in the wilderness.  God had given them instructions as to what tribe was to position themselves where around the Tabernacle and Moses knew that his  father-in-law knew how to get it done.  He said, "You will be to us instead of eyes."  What we see may not be what God desires of us and so we need your wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, he was saying.  Many people's eyes have fooled them into thinking what they were getting was the real deal, only to find out that it was false and unreal.  They thought they saw a knight in shining armor, only to find out later that it was a bucket of rusty bolts and weight to carry.  They thought they saw Cinderella in silver slippers, only to find out later it was the wicked witch of the west.  They thought they saw the pot at the end of the rainbow, only to find out later it was a bucket with holes in it.  So let me encourage you today, always seek Godly wisdom before you make a major decision, there may be something that you really didn't see.

Sing:  Jesus! Jesus!  You know what's best for me.  So lead on, Jesus, I'll go wherever You lead.

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