Friday, July 19, 2013

2013 July 19 - Morning Manna

So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.
(Romans 10:17).
Today's Morsel: If you could buy faith, how much would you purchase? I often wonder if God would have required of us to buy salvation, eternal life, and faith, how much would He have charged us for each? God knew that we would not have enough money to purchase these things, so He made them free for all because God operates in equity. I believe that the reason so many people are shallow in their faith is because they do nothing to add more faith to their life. Just because you have checks doesn't mean you have money in the bank. Just because you have a Bible doesn't mean you are going to have faith. Most people have at least one Bible in their home, but if they never read it, they aren't going to have strong faith. If faith comes by hearing , and hearing by the word of God, why isn't everyone's faith bank running over? If a person was to get in to the habit of reading their Bible daily and applying it to their life, their faith bank would be providing them great dividends. The same way as those who have money in the bank are often times confident, those who have faith in their faith bank should be confident as well. How's your faith?

Sing: Faith can move mountains, mountains of fear and of doubt; faith can move mountains, so why don't you try your faith out.

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