Thursday, March 15, 2018

Morning Manna by Rufus Parker - 2018 March 15

“And Joshua the son of Nun was full of the spirit of wisdom; for Moses had laid his hands upon him: and the children of Israel hearkened unto him, and did as the LORD commanded Moses” (Deuteronomy 34:9)

Today’s Morsel:  I’m still trying to figure out why there are so many born-again believers without wisdom when the Bible tells us that wisdom is the most basic thing, and that we should get it.  To me, the book of Proverbs is a book of wisdom.  Along with the rest of the Bible, it makes one wise unto salvation.  Hidden in its pages is everything that we must be, know, and do to be successful and have eternal life.  Scripture says that Joshua was full of the spirit of wisdom because Moses had laid his hands on him.  The Bible tells us to mark the perfect man, for the end of that man is peace.  Let me encourage you when you find a man of God with wisdom, stay close to him because you don’t get old being a fool.

Sing:  He touched me; Oh, Oh, He touched me, and oh the joy that floods my soul.  Something happened, and now I know, Jesus touched me and made me whole.

Thought For Today:  Wisdom is the principle thing.

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